Soil PH Sensor IoT High Accurcy Soil Acidity Meter Tester

High measurement accuracy and long-term stability of signal. Widely used in agricultural irrigation, greenhouse, grassland, environmental monitoring, water saving, soil test.

The soil ph sensor is a high functional and digital display soil tester, it can quickly test ph of different kinds of soil. The soil meter is precision, quick, stable, wide range, display clear, portable and easy to test.


1. Imported high quality soil ph sensor and chips, grouped in China
2. Special design of soil ph meter, with a great penetration of soil.
3. Unique sensing technology, with a wide working range and quick display.
4. High quality soil ph sensor with Stable sensing ability.
5. Portable design and easy testing
6. Low power consumption, reliable function
7. IP68 soil ph meter, with fully water proof function

Soil PH Sensor IoT 

Power Supply

12-24V DC

Power Consumption


PH Accuracy


PH Range


Long-term stability


Output Singal


Operating Temperature


Response time